handheld pressure gauge HMG1 / HMG6

Handheld Pressure Gauges • Series HMG1 / HMG6


The handheld pressure gauges Type HMG1 and HMG6 measures difference- and absolute pressure, relative pressure in air and non aggressive gases. Both types has a 3.5-digit LC-display with 12.7 mm figure height. The signal can drive a 0-1 V analog-output (type HMG1-1, HMG6-1). The pressure gauges reaches a high reliability and precision. They operates with a 9-V-battery type 6F22. The battery power control generates “low bat“ on the display. Pressure overload is shown by a red LED in the left margin of the LC-display.

The pressure gauge Type HMG6 differs from HMG1 by the additional fine adjustment of the zero point on the front. By electronic correction of the linearity error of the cell it reachs a higher precision as HMG1.

Measurement ranges:
0-0.5 mbar (0-50 Pa) in steps up to 0-10 bar (0-1000 kPa)

air and non aggresive gases

control of airblowers
supervsion of airfilters
level monitoring of liquids
monitoring of air flows
pressure control and regulation for instance in pressure chambers
medical engineering


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